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Hotel Security



Hotel Security requires a fine balance between vigilance and discretion.  Guests need to feel relaxed and enjoy their stay but at the same time feel they are safe and secure.  Hotel Security is an area that SMS Security Services have had many years to fine tune and create a Hotel Security service that is unobtrusive, guest friendly and effective. 


Hotel Security requires a high level of skill and experience.  Criminals and intruders come in many guises from bag thieves, burglars, fraudsters to name but a few.  SMS Security Services have a highly professional team of Hotel Security Officers who are trained, rigorously vetted to our high standards and SIA Licensed.  

All SMS Hotel Security Officers undergo continuous training to provide them with the requisite skill levels necessary to cope with the unpredictable situations that occur in their line of work.  Whether you require reception security, key management, guest safety and theft prevention to CCTV operation, SMS Hotel Security services offer a comprehensive Hotel Security package that is designed to meet your needs.


SMS Security take pride in our staff and our services and our reliable team of fully trained, proactive and presentable Hotel Security Officers are highly respected by our clients.  Providing the very best in Hotel Security, our proactive Security Officers operate as an integral part of your front and back of house team to bring continuity and effective security that delivers.


SMS Hotel Security covers a variety of Hotel Security solutions like:


  • Guarding premises against unauthorised access or occupation

  • Guarding individuals and property against outbreaks of disorder or crime

  • Guarding individuals against assault or against injuries that might be suffered in consequence of the unlawful conduct of others.


SMS Security understands our clients are often working within a corporate budget that is why we work closely with Hotel Management to ensure we meet your safety and security needs that comes within your budget and works for you.  Every Hotel is individual and that is why no two Hotel Security plans are the same.


Whatever you expect from your Hotel Security, SMS Hotel Security Officers are trained to assist guests and staff with a variety of tasks to accommodate your specific needs and fit within your working structure to provide a low profile Hotel Security service that delivers.


Why not call us today and find out how SMS Security can bring you the very best in Hotel Security that works for you.

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