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Key Holding & Alarm Response


Ensuring that your premises are checked regularly by mobile security patrols can often be enough   to keep your business safe and provide you with a complete low cost security solution, ensuring   stability and continuity of business. 

The spot checks provided by our mobile patrol service prevents criminal activity, as there is no   pattern to when our officers patrol the building. 


Special arrangements can be made to have   barcodes placed at agreed inspection points, our officers will then read these inspection points  with   their PDAs so a full record of when they patrolled the site is recorded.  Another popular  option   is picture of your property every time our Officers visit your site with a digital camera which  will   record the date and time of the picture. Our guards perform regular external and/or internal  mobile   patrols, and opening and closing of premises, as well as attending to alarm activations.


Each patrol will be highly visible, with uniformed guards and vans marked with our security  signage.


As with any good security practice the timings of the checks are random so that no pattern  can   be picked up.


You can be safe in the knowledge that you are completely secure but with the benefit of lower security costs.

To find out more about the Mobile Services please call our team on 0525958660


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