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Company Policy




SMS Security Limited will provide equal opportunities and are committed to the principle of equality regardless of race, creed, colour, nationality, sex or disability. We will apply employment policies which are fair, equitable and consistent with the skills and abilities of our employee’s and the needs of the business. We look to the support of our staff in the implementation of these policies, to ensure that all our employees are accorded equal opportunity for training and promotion, with equal terms and conditions of employment. 


We will not condone any discriminatory act or attitude in the conduct of our business, with the public or our employees. Acts of harassment or discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, or disability are disciplinary offences and will not be tolerated.


SMS Security will endeavour to ensure that all our officers are trained to the standards of BS7499:2002.


We are BS EN ISO 9001.2000 qualified. This refers specifically to the provision of Security Personnel, Mobile Patrols and other Security Services.


We are a Safe contractor, it is our sincere hope that our clients will be very happy with us.

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