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Hospetal Security




SMS Security specialise in providing Hospital Security to assist your hospital staff in providing a safe environment for staff, patients and visitors.  Hospital staff should be able to carry out their duties without fear of violence or threats, our Hospital Security Officers are trained to the highest standard, dpi licensed and CRB security vetted.


Working closely with hospital management staff, SMS Hospital Security will develop a working support service to help fill a temporary or ongoing resource gap.  Providing both a flexible, top-up service or a fully outsourced Hospital Security facility, SMS Security work to provide support for those responsible for Hospital Security to meet their performance targets today and for the future. SMS Security’s main aim is to ensure that every facet of our Hospital Security service meets your requirements.


Our Hospital Security Officers receive ongoing professional training to keep them at the top of their profession. Using proven techniques that will avoid and resolve conflict, our Hospital Security Officers will actively secure your site and guard against criminal activity and damage and help resolve conflict and violent offences for staff and visitors to your hospital.


With the unique security challenges Hospital Security creates like specialist facilities and valuable equipment, drugs requiring controlled access and situations which can be volatile and highly emotive, coupled with the large number of people passing through every day, Hospital Security can be extremely difficult, especially in monitoring access and identifying intruders.


Whether public or private, every hospital requires professional Hospital Security that is discrete, respectful and effective.  The critical assets of a hospital, its people, property, information and reputation must be protected with faultless Hospital Security and that is where SMS Security Services can help you maintain the best security possible to ensure your hospital functions efficiently.


Over recent years, hospitals have had to stretch to serve a growing population.  Each day a hospital receives huge amounts of visitors to work, visit or receive care.  Hospitals are therefore locations that are prime targets for criminals including theft, assault and car break-ins.  SMS Security provides a comprehensive range of Hospital Security services that assess the security risks and help reduce and eliminate incidents.


SMS Security has built a reputation for providing unmatched Hospital Security due to commitment to excellence and unmatched customer service.  Our obligation to providing top quality, cost effective Hospital Security solutions to our clients that are built on strong partnerships, trust and integrity means SMS Security are one of the top Hospital Security providers within the UAE.


SMS Security provides Hospital Security services throughout the UAE When it comes to protecting Hospitals, SMS Hospital Security can provide the solution. 

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